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Krystic Light Energy Healing & Spiritual Activation

14, 15, 17  & 18

3 hours per day - Duration 12 hours

A higher dimension of pure love and

Divine Connection!


  DIVINE TOUCH is profound training of transformation in the perspective of life, the relationship with existence and the personal and collective purpose.  


This method was received in a channeling state by Navkiran & Satya. They have been teaching it for a few years to hundreds of people. It is beautiful, powerful and brings a full new path way of healing, self mastery and direct spiritual connection with Divine Source.

Benefits the physical, emotional, psychological, energetic, spiritual body and the multidimensional being in conscious and unconscious aspects, in the past, present and future.

Introduction Divine Touch.
A miracle come through!





Listen to the call of your soul, and connect to the Spirit realm!


"The reason for our existence is to recognize God in us, uniting and embodying his love in every action, for the ascension of humanity."

— Christ Consciousness.

Channeled by Satya.

what are you going to learn in general terms?


✔ In DIVINE TOUCH 1.0 you will learn how to recognize the energy in you and around you.

✔ Learn how the energies affects to you, to your family and to your surroundings in a negative or positive way.

✔ How to measure the energy and how to transform it.

✔ Raise the vibration frequency in you, in others, pets and places. Raising the vibration helps to harmonize and heal, to awaken consciousness, to expand the emotions of unconditional love and unity.

✔ Learn how to connect with your essence and Divine guidance for the highest purpose in your life and existence.

✔ How to make good questions & to receive the answers from your Higher Divine Self in alignment to the highest Divine plan.

✔ 2 Powerful meditations to release conflict and connect deep with the Divine and the Soul.

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There has never been a better time to invest in your Soul´s evolution, in your acension!




USD $444



∞ How to connect with the Divine Matrix? Powerful tools and teachings.

∞ You will receive an Initiation / Activation.

∞ Powerful “Satya Kriya Meditation” the breath of the Soul.

∞ Powerful “Pillar of Light Meditation” for healing and spiritual connection.

∞ How to open the "Maahal Portal" the Gift of the Divine Mother.

∞ Dowsing & pendulum.

∞ The art of asking questions to your Higher Self (True Self).

∞ Spiritual connection & channeling.

∞ Receiving messages from your Higher Divine Self.

∞ Practical exercises.

∞ What is frequency and vibration?

∞ Measurement tables.

∞ How to measure vital energy and vibrational frequency in people, places and things.

∞ Activation of Quantum Symbol "Concentration of Energy", how to use it, channeled by Satya to raise the vibration.

∞ How to raise the vibration in people, places and things with the symbol.

∞ Practical exercises to raise your vibration and connect deeper with your True Self.

∞ Activation of Quantum Symbol "Spiritual Anchorage" and how to use it to anchor higher frequencies in the physical, mental and energetic matrix. Helps strengthen the connection with the Higher Self.

∞ Activation of Quantum Symbol "Opening Maa´hal Portal" and how to use it, a Divine Mother Gift.

∞ How to connect with the Higher Divine Self of another person to know what they need.

∞ “Pendulum Scanner” a way to identify blockages in any level.

∞ Practical exercises with a couple to further raise the vibrational frequency in another person.

∞ Practical channeling exercises.

∞ How to unlock limiting emotions and beliefs with symbols.

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We have been receiving beautiful testimonies since we started sharing and teaching DIVINE TOUCH since 2016.

the course includes:

12 hours of Divine Touch Training.

Printed manual.

Audio of 2 powerful meditations.

∞ Constant support by Navkiran & Satya after the Training.

 Divine Touch Community WhatsApp Group.

what to bring?

∞ A pendulum, it can be made of cristal, a chain or rope with something hanging. We have if you want to buy one.
 Comfortable clothes to do yoga, preferably white and natural fibers.

Water bottle.

∞ Notebook and pen.

And the most important come with a heart and open mind!


During the 3 days before and 3 days after:

Eat healthy and light foods.

Abstinence in alcohol, drugs and sexual relations.

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“The course DIVINE TOUCH 1.0 left me with a reinforced commitment to Truth. What is most meaningful to me is the commitment to being in the heart, the clarity needed to stay on the path even though we may have been wired to stay on a different one. This level of integrity is what is shown, offered and practiced during the entire course. Navkiran and Satya do not waste their energy, it is carefully used towards the construction of the new world we are entering. To witness this is a humbling gift. How do you use your energy? This course brought me more efficiency, tools to increase my ability to live and work with clarity, with a clear human example of how. They hold nothing back, full transparency, yet know when to keep their mouth shut because everything has its time and place. A pleasure to learn from.”
_ Yvette.

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“Before the Divine Touch Training, I was working with my creative energy, yet still not feeling like my own healer. I learned other healing modalities before, but they were too complicated for me, or couldn't easily see tangible results.

Working with Satya and Navkiran was a powerful experience. The space they hold feels clean and ruled by integrity. They are a channel for unconditional love, humble and grounded.

DIVINE TOUCH 1.0 gave me the tools to deal with my day-by-day challenges, increase my confidence, and trust my connection to Source. 

The tools are helping me to make choices aligned to my Higher Divine Self, My relationship with my body is upgrading, and I'm releasing habits and people who don't serve my purpose any more. I feel a new level of guidance and protection.

All of that accompanied by a group of beautiful people to keep accountability and ask for support if I need it. 

I would recommend to everybody to study with School Of Love.“

_ Flavia.



Goddess Garden

Cahuita, Talamanca. Limón.

Costa Rica

We handpicked for you one of a kind serene location, secluded with unspoiled private beach, so you can regenerate in the heart of the nature. Caribbean side of Costa Rica has miles of breathtaking warm Caribbean sea beaches and thousands of hectares of jungle & so much culture. 

Cahuita has been an undiscovered jewel in Costa Rica with huge selection of all types of restaurants, craft shops, tours, and nightlife. The resort is just a two-minute walk from a serene and private beach, making it an ideal location to unwind and disconnect. 

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Divine Touch explanation video.
More information.

Navkiran & Satya

fundadores de School Of Love

Escuela International de Expansión de Consciencia y Despertar Espiritual

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