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Healing Ceremony

October 13th 2023

4:33 pm

Duration 2,5 hours

Let's bring Light into darkness!



2 people x USD $90


Let's join to purify our mind and body! to transform the ego into Divine Consciousness and live from Love instead of fear.

¡Deep healing & deep cleansing of dense and dark energies!

This incredible Ceremony is for you if...

- You feel lacking energy.

- You feel fear, anger, sadness, loneliness or frustration.

- You live in stress, anxiety or depression.

- You lack self-esteem, you doubt yourself or others.

- You seek external valuation.

- You are affected by the opinions of others.

- Fear controls you.

- It is difficult for you to set healthy limits.

- The mind always takes you to the past or the future and you don't know how to be in the present.

- If you have problems and have not found an effective solution that generates a true transformation.

- It is difficult for you to express your own light.

- You are in a loop of negative and low vibration thoughts.

- Past wounds or mental suffering controls you.

- You are passionate about yoga, holistic therapies or looking for special and natural tools with transformative power.


✔ Deep healing

✔ Deep cleansing of dense and dark energies.

✔ Increased energy and vitality.

✔ Emotional balance.

✔ Elevation of your vibration.

✔ Strengthening the aura.

✔ Physical well-being, strengthening of the immune system and hormonal balance.

✔ Mental clarity by unlocking limiting and unconscious mental patterns.

✔ Awaken a new perception by connecting with your soul and purpose.

✔ Personal growth, self-esteem and self-love.

✔ Activate your inner power to make positive changes in your habits and behaviors.

✔ Awakening from unconditional love that does not judge, criticize or demand.

✔ Reconnection with the purpose, with your Soul and the Divine Spirit.

✔ Kundalini Shakti Energy Activation.

✔ Awaken your inner wisdom that will guide you towards the transformation you seek.

✔ Expansion of your consciousness to Unity with God, Great Spirit, I AM.

✔ Transformation of illusion into Truth.


We will meet in a sacred space among the Caribbean jungle.

Bambú Shala, Cocles, Puerto Viejo Limón.

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Powerful ancient and divine tools

DIVINE TOUCH Krystic Light Healing & Spiritual Activation,

Pillar of Light Meditation

Kundalini Kriya

Mantras Vocalization

Pranayams / Breathwork

Sound Healing

Gong Bath

Prepare for the Ceremony

3 days before the Ceremony we recommend the following:

- Follow a raw food diet, lean towards vegetables and fruits and/or intermittent fasting.

- Increase the amount of pure water to drink and bless it.

- Refrain from caffeine, alcohol, stimulants and sexual activity.

What do I need to bring to the Ceremony?

- If you can, dress in white and with natural fibers.

- A Yoga mat, towel or other and a cushion to meditate.

- A bottle with water.

- Come on an empty stomach or eat lightly 2 or 3 hours before.

- And come with an open heart and mind!

Creating Community

Today worldwide we are in crisis, the love between us has been lost. This is an opportunity to change and us to be the change we want to see in the world.

Let's create together a community based on commitment, support and unconditional love!

Fernanda, España

“I attended school of love this Easter, I traveled from Spain with the need to reconnect. I have been a yoga practitioner for years but the kundalini yoga modality had not caught my attention until I found this couple of fantastic teachers. What a change I experienced, how much love they display!!! I want to thank you for the generosity you have had by sharing your teachings on the 8 8 Portal, I loved it. Here you have a loyal follower from Mallorca. Sat Nam"

Davyn, Canada

"Satya and Navkiran are providing transformational Energy Healing, Kundalini Yoga Classes and sacred ceremonies in Puerto Viejo. The value and love they bring to our community is incredible. Every time I participate, I leave feeling energized, deeply connected, at peace, and alive. They have a sincere, compassionate and driven desire to help us heal our wounds and awaken our spirit to live passionate, authentic lives. Thank you to both of you amazing teachers for your commitment to your path and serving our community with such a transformational practice!"

Célina, Costa Rica

“I was lucky to meet Satya and Navkiran as Kundalini Yoga teachers. It was the first for me... Everyone goes at their own pace and level. I was able to really go inside myself and have very strong moments of connection with myself and the subtle. Then I received the call to continue the adventure with them for the Divine Touch Training. It allowed me to realign myself, to confirm that I was on the path of my life mission, to open my consciousness more, to connect deeply to God... This Divine Touch care channeled by Satya and Navkiran is so pure and deep that it brings its benefits to both the recipient and the caregiver. I am enchanted, in joy, in full gratitude by all that you have passed on to me and taught me. I love you.


Healing Ceremony

October 13th 2023

Let's bring Light into darkness!



2 people x USD $90


Navkiran & Satya

founders of School Of Love

International School of Consciousness Expansion and Spiritual Awakening

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