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PORTAL 22-11-22

Divine Neutrality

Tuesday November 22
3 - 8 pm

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This 22-11-22 PORTAL brings us the unique opportunity to become the zero point or point of creation.

Where we become the ONE Creation.


When we access our Divine Neutrality and we anchor in it, we experience the sensation of being out of duality, becoming a witness of the One Creation. Time stop and everything expands into the present moment and we are capable of seeing and experience multiple choices in this now present, giving us the chance to choose the highest timeline in alignment with the Divine plan and Soul path of Ascension.

The  22-11-22 PORTAL is and amplifier of the 11-11 Portal that we recently when through. It’s a new higher step into Infinity

“When you cannot reach your Neutral Mind, you are reactive. You act as a beast instead of a human. I’m sorry to tell you this, but it is true. When you cannot reach the Neutral Mind, you never know what is right and what is wrong. You lack the clarity and certainty of your soul.”


What is a Neutral Mind?

The neutral mind is not sexy or exciting, it is simple, calm and precise. Many do not want to develop their neutral mind in fear that life will be boring without the highs and lows. However the neutral mind is our secret weapon for sustainability and steadiness. Always riding the big waves can become emotionally draining and leave us feeling burnt out. The neutral mind is like riding a long and steadywave, you still get to enjoy the ride and it lasts a lot longer.


If you find your life is a constant roller-coaster of emotions and reactions, then focus on your neutral mind. Life may seem a little duller without all the drama but once you get used to a steady calmness you will never look back. The neutral mind when developed can be your foundation through all matters of life. 


The neutral mind is the innate ability to see both sides in everything and act in a calm, intuitive manner. Neutral mind means we turn down freak out mode and quieten paralyzing self-talk. When someone has a strong neutral mind, they are able to adequately weigh both the negative and positive in order to see the big picture. When we act from the neutral mind we are able to stay present and access our higher consciousness. This helps us to respect our feelings, but also develop responses that bring us closer to our higher selves.


There is a connection between the neutral mind and our Anahata (or heart center) Chakra. When we study the heart chakra, we learn about the importance of compassion, acceptance and heart-centered living. These are the exact feelings we’re trying to cultivate within our neutral mind as well. To truly live from a place of happiness we must relieve ourselves from the constant emotional ups and downs of the negative & positive minds. This new, neutral way of thinking is essential to the expansion of our consciousness and connection to our heart center and Higher Self.


Characteristics of the Neutral Mind:

Affirmation: I am guided by the divine wisdom of my spirit.

Qualities: In general, a person who is familiar and well practiced with their neutral mind will have a calm and compassionate perception of the world. This can manifest as:

 • A deep connection with their intuition.

 • Low levels of stress and fear in their lives.

 • The ability to healthfully disengage from arguments.

 • A general sense of peace and wellbeing.

 • The desire to live from a place of service.

When a person is deeply connected to their neutral mind, they aren’t usually heavily swayed by their emotions. Instead, they are able to maintain a peaceful heart center and a tranquil state of being. It’s important to note, this doesn’t mean that they suddenly turn into emotionally-unavailable robots. Instead, they’ve learned how to discern their emotional reactions to a situation in a way that helps them to avoid being triggered and reactive.

Someone with a strong and engaged neutral mind knows how they want to utilize their energy in the world, and aims to bring happiness through acts of service and compassion. If you believe in an infinite power or higher consciousness, this is where you strengthen your connection to that matter.


Cultivating the Neutral Mind:

Finding harmony within the fourth body or Neutral Mind is all about creating a foundation of spiritual living and mindfulness.


Signs of Balance:

These are some common signals that indicate balance in the neutral mind.

 • a strong, daily spiritual practice.

 • a love of meditation.

 • a sense of inner peace.

 • a strong connection to intuition or higher perception.


Symptoms of Imbalance:

These are some common signals that might indicate an imbalance in the Neutral Mind.

 • a general feeling of dis-ease and constant stress.

 • a strong victim mentality.

 • constant contradictory emotions or thoughts.

 • feeling disconnected from intuition.

 • difficulty making decisions.

 • constantly getting stuck in arguments.




Navkiran & Satya

Practices & Experiences

The PORTAL 22-11-22 is a ceremony that will have different nuances and frequencies, which will lead you to tune your mind and your being with the Neutral Mind and the Heart Chakra.

It will bring you clarity, intuition, compassion and connection with your True Divine Essence.

We invite you to live this magical portal with us!



Kundalini Yoga

Gong Vibration

Energy Healing

Sound Healing

Spiritual Connection

Celestial Communication

Ascension Vortex Ceremony

Community Blessing of Unity

Channeled Messages from Source


And a special activity guided by our dear friend Ana.


What if one day you feel pure love,

and it become your reality for ever?


Earlybird Portal Pass

Until Friday November 18th.

25.000 | US$41

Portal Pass

30.000 | US$50

How can I pay?


Option 1


Use the following email to do the payment:

Add your name and 221122 to the transfer.

And send us a screenshot to us by wapp

Link PayPal


Option 2

Let's get together make the exchange!

Write to our wapp and we will agree where.




Divine Neutrality



Limited spots.

Registration is required.

Contact 506 6002 0622 

What to bring?

- Bring yoga mat or sarong.

- Comfortable clothes preferably white and natural fibers.

- Water bottle.

- And the most important heart and open mind!


We recommend during the 3 days before and 3 days after:

Eat healthy and light foods.

Abstinence in alcohol, drugs and sexual relations.


We will meet on a beautiful deck hidden in the Caribbean jungle where we can connect with nature and Divine Mother.


Bamboo Shala

Cocles. Puerto Viejo Limón.

Costa Rica

School Of Love, a guide back to the Soul.


S.O.L is an invitation for the vibration of the energy of love to be our school. May love show us the true path and lead us to mastery in our lives. The energy of love is the awareness that is present when we move forward, heal and feel peace with who we are, what we do and how we live.

School Of Love is a guide back to the Soul. A channel for Love and Truth to clarify the perspective of life. A bridge so that the Universal Source has the freedom to help heal, to reveal the essence of who we are and to find our purpose in life.

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