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Join us!, raise your vibration and expand your consciousness!
It's time to accelerate your mission on Earth. 

Christ Consciousness & Kundalini Energy Planetary Activation.

November Saturday 11, 5:30 pm.

Nemetona Sacred Space, Punta Uva.

Arrival time 5:15 pm.

Duration aprox. 2 hours.

Let’s join together in this very unique day! 


An opportunity to expand our self into higher realms of our Divine Self in a unify field of consciousness.


We will activate our sacred inner Kundalini Shakti power to elevate our self towards a state of oneness (Christ Consciousness) by releasing blockages, darkness and limiting beliefs, empowering and moving our Life Force Energy to embody a higher state of existence recognizing more of our True Identity.

PORTAL 11-11

Be part of the change!


Only $22 usd

2 x $36 usd

at door 15.000 

($30 USD) 

Only colones will be accepted. 

Creating Community

Let's create together a community based on commitment to our purpose, mutual support and unconditional love!

Davyn, Canada

"Satya and Navkiran are providing transformational energy healing, Kundalini and sacred ceremonies in Puerto Viejo. The value and love they bring to our community is incredible. Every time i participate, I leave feeling energized, deeply connected, at peace, and alive. They have a sincere, compassionate and driven desire to help us heal our wounds and awaken our spirit to live passionate, authentic lives. Thank you to both of you amazing teachers for your committment to your path and serving our community with such a transformational practice!"

Morgan, USA.

“I've participated in Navkiran's & Satya's kundalini yoga classes, meditation challenges, and Divine Touch trainings, and I always leave their presence feeling uplifted, inspired & connected. It has been such a huge blessing & joy to get to know them & to witness them fully embodying & living that which they teach. I also love that they incorporate teachings from A Course in Miracles. Their wisdom & dedication to the Truth is undeniable, and I am grateful for the Light they are shining so brightly from right here in Puerto Viejo. I highly recommend working with Navkiran & Satya in whichever capacity you feel called."

Navkiran & Satya

Founders of School Of Love

International School of Consciousness Expansion and Spiritual Awakening

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