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Kundalini Yoga & White Tantra

A journey to our True Identity!

Monday, Wednesday & Friday 

8:30 am

Let's go deeper into the knowledge and power of the ancient sacred technology of Kundalini Yoga to conquer the Yoga state, awakening our Kundalini Shakti Energy -spiritual energy-.


The practice will be guided through asanas, pranayamas, mantras and dristis to experience a deeper sense of our True Identity or Sat Nam.


Bambú Shala

Cocles, Puerto Viejo Limón.

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90 minutes practice

7.000 colones (13 USD)


3 classes x 18.000 colones (6.000 each)

6 classes x 30.000 colones (5.000 each)

12 classes x 48.000 colones (4.000 each)

What to bring?

- Water bottle.

- Bring yoga mat or sarong. We have some mats for share.

- Comfortable clothes preferably white and natural fibers.

- And the most important heart and open mind.

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join us online!

And if you are not in Puerto Viejo, join our

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