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Online Kundalini Yoga Classes

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USD $34


4 Online Kundalini Yoga Clas

+ 1 Gift Meditation

+ 40% OFF in DIVINE TOUCH / Information

"A journey to our True Identity"

Let's go deeper into the knowledge and power of the ancient sacred technology of Kundalini Yoga to conquer the Yoga state, awakening our Kundalini Shakti Energy -spiritual energy-.


The practice will be guided through asanas, pranayam, mantras and dristis to experience a deeper sense of our True Identity or Sat Nam.


On Mondays the links for the classes are delivered.

The classes are recorded, you can practice them at the time that suits you.

Each class lasts 1 week.

We recommend practicing them at least 2 or 3 times in a week.

 By registering you will get support in your practice through WhatsApp! 

Discover the Benefits of Practicing Kundalini Yoga!


Recover your integral health!


Currently, the practice of yoga has become popular among the new generations thanks to its multiple physical, mental and spiritual benefits, as well as the convenience of being able to practice it at home.

Kundalini Yoga teaches you to have conscious control of the mental, physical and nervous energies of the body with the idea of ​​making the most of them. It is an ancient technique that is also known as the Yoga of Consciousness, and is considered one of the most powerful styles: 12 years of Hatha Yoga practice is equivalent to 1 year of Kundalini Yoga practice.

Kundalini will help you control your breathing and focus your thinking, while the postures serve to balance the glandular system and strengthen the nervous system.


The muscles are strengthened, and the muscular atrophy produced by a sedentary life is eliminated.

Meditation and guided breathing during a Kundalini session play a fundamental role in learning to control your stress levels.

Its exercises give an internal massage to the tissues and organs, increasing the circulation of lymph and other body fluids.

Thanks to the different breathing techniques used, lung capacity is increased.

Rejuvenates muscles and tissues, in addition to strengthening our nervous and immune systems.

Through Kundalini Yoga you will be able to reach an inner state of greater well-being and tranquility, an aspect that the fast-paced life of big cities, technology and work have worn out a lot.


The Practice

This type of yoga involves many elements in its practice, making this discipline one of the most complete within the holistic tradition.

These are the basic elements of Kundalini Yoga:

Body postures: known as asanas.

Special breaths: Pranayamas.

Postures with the hands: Mudras.

 Body locks: Bandas.

Songs and intonations: Mantras or Mantra Yoga.

 Deep meditation through rhythms: Laya Yoga.

Practice of devotion: Bhakti Yoga.

Meditation: Raja Yoga.

Sound current: Naad Yoga.

Basic Considerations

Inform your teacher if you are pregnant, as there are postures and breathing exercises that are counterproductive.

If you have been injured or are recovering from an injury, be patient, never force the poses.

If you have high blood pressure, ask your doctor.

photo_2023-06-04 19.55.49.jpeg


USD $34


4 Online Kundalini Yoga Classes

+ 1 Gift Meditation

+ 40% OFF in DIVINE TOUCH / Information

“I've participated in Navkiran's & Satya's Kundalini Yoga Classes, and meditation challenges, and I always leave their presence feeling uplifted, inspired & connected. It has been such a huge blessing & joy to get to know them & to witness them fully embodying & living that which they teach. I highly recommend working with Navkiran & Satya in whichever capacity you feel called.”


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