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Krystic Light Energy Healing & Spiritual Activation



In DIVINE TOUCH we work with energies at all possible levels or layers within the fields of creation of reality, seeking to express in each Being the pure original blueprint of the True Identity of the Being.


We clear any energy that is not aligned with the highest good of the soul's path, as well as integrating any layers of information necessary to achieve this.


During the session process, there is a space for conversation, sharing what you are looking for, what you are going through in your life, where we deliver intuitive information, receiving messages from your Divine aspect or spiritual guides to approach life from different perspectives. We usually deliver, daily practices that can help change certain behaviors, mental patterns or keep your energies and vibrational frequencies higher than usual. Working your blind spots is part of the overall session experience.


What are the benefits?

DIVINE TOUCH helps to let go of the tension and pain that may be present in your body in a space of relaxation and healing. Unlock mental programs and beliefs, achieving clarity and emotional balance.

Activate and achieve a greater degree of coherence in your subtle bodies and energy system.


We generate a Spiritual Activation process that brings changes in the medium and long term in the lives of those who receive it, generating an increase in vital energy, greater clarity in the life mission and beautiful synchronicities and surprises.


All this translates into health, balance, freedom and greater abundance in life.



Costa Rica

Puerto Viejo, Limón.

90 Minutes Session:

CRC ₡97.000 / USD $180

90 Minutes Session with Navkiran & Satya:
CRC ₡135 / USD $250

90 Minutes Couple Session with Navkiran & Satya:

CRC ₡217.000 / USD $400

3 sessions 25% discount.






To any part of the world!

We offer remote DIVINE TOUCH in 2 ways, please choose one:




Please schedule a day and time with us.

We will meet  via Zoom or WhatsApp video call.

Online Divine Touch 90 Minutes Session:

USD $180


In this option it is not necessary to schedule.

Within the first 10 days after being requested, Remote Divine Touch will be held.

We will send you an audio with the details of the Divine Touch Session.

DIVINE TOUCH can also be requested for a beloved one as a gift or anonymously.

Remote Divine Touch:

USD $120




For Places

House, Office, Project, Land, etc.

We do Divine Touch to places, projects or other on-site and remote. Contact us to give us information about it.


Divine Touch for Place Session:
USD $120

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