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Breath of the Soul

Experience and learn SATYA KRIYA! an incredible and powerful Breathwork & Meditation to awaken, activate and move the flow of the Kundalini Spiritual Energy through your body to connect deep with your Soul.


 Be also a teacher of SATYA KRIYA for others!

You can experience radical changes in your mind, DMT releasing, nervous and endocrine systems strengthening, a boost in your inmune system as well between many other benefits!.

Practicing SATYA KRIYA gives you an incredible sensation of connection to the All, God or Great Spirit that arises from within, expressing it self as a deep feeling of gratitud, love and peace.

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December 13 & 15

4 - 7 pm both days.

Nemetona Sacred Space, Punta Uva.

Arrival time 3:50 pm.

Total duration 6 hours.



✔ Synchronization and harmonization between biological and energetic systems.

✔ Strengthening the Nervous System, Endocrine System, Immune System among others.

✔ Balance and synchronization of the cerebral hemispheres, which causes the adjustment of cerebral frequencies to alpha, theta or gamma states.

✔ Increased release of DMT.

✔ Purification of meridians and nadis.

✔ Kundalini Spiritual Energy activation.

✔ It generates a state of expansion, peace, clarity and love that leads us to experience the frequency and connection with our soul.

✔ Many people manage to experience states of deep spiritual connection, receiving information, guidance and visions.


By participating in the SATYA KRIYA Practitioner & Teacher Training you will receive a School Of Love Certification.

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"Got back to 8 rounds of Satya Kriya today and I feel the full effect of aliveness and the somatic remembering of the multi dimensional aspect of being." Richard.


"I felt so much healing! very deep and strong emotions coming out." Sofia.

"I didn't know that with breathing I could have deep connection experiences like with drugs." Karim.


"I felt how I was the ant, the butterfly, the trees, everything! I felt I was all, amazing!." Alex.

The course includes:


6 hours of SATYA KRIYA Practitioner & Teacher Training.

Audio of Satya Kriya Meditation.

 Constant support by Navkiran & Satya after the Training.

What to bring?

Comfortable clothes to do yoga and to meditatepreferably white and natural fibers.

Water bottle.

Notebook and pen.

And the most important come with a heart and open mind!


During the 3 days before and 3 days after:

Eat healthy and light foods.

Abstinence in alcohol, drugs and sexual relations.

Breath of the Soul

Be part of the change!

The new humanity is awakening!

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UNTIL 12/04 

ONLY ₡44.000

($83 USD)

From 12/055.000 

($104 USD) 

Normal value 111.000 ($210 USD)

Only colones will be accepted at door. 

Creating Community

Let's create together a community based on commitment to our purpose, mutual support and unconditional love!

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Davyn, Canada.

"Satya and Navkiran are providing transformational energy healing, Kundalini and sacred ceremonies in Puerto Viejo. The value and love they bring to our community is incredible. Every time I participate, I leave feeling energized, deeply connected, at peace, and alive. They have a sincere, compassionate and driven desire to help us heal our wounds and awaken our spirit to live passionate, authentic lives. Thank you to both of you amazing teachers for your commitment to your path and serving our community with such a transformational practice!"
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Morgan, USA.

“I've participated in Navkiran's & Satya's kundalini yoga classes, meditation challenges, and Divine Touch trainings, and I always leave their presence feeling uplifted, inspired & connected. It has been such a huge blessing & joy to get to know them & to witness them fully embodying & living that which they teach. I also love that they incorporate teachings from A Course in Miracles. Their wisdom & dedication to the Truth is undeniable, and I am grateful for the Light they are shining so brightly from right here in Puerto Viejo. I highly recommend working with Navkiran & Satya in whichever capacity you feel called."

Navkiran & Satya

Founders of School Of Love

International School of Consciousness Expansion and Spiritual Awakening

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