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A  D a n c e  i n t o  I n f i n i t y

Day retreat to connect with the infinite wisdom of your eternal self.

Come and experience the Infinity!

We all become the One Divine Consciousness!

To experience INFINITY lets move our energy, letting go of old heavy baggage and dance with our inner self.


Through out the 11:11 Day Retreat, every activity will be working in a unique way and they will be interacting in such a manner that we will be capable to let go and elevate our self to a higher realm of conscious awareness.


By Navkiran & Satya

and friends

Friday November 11th 2022

8:30 am

Kundalini Yoga Masterclass & Gong

11 am

Spheres of Light Healing Meditation
& Cristal Bowls

12:30 pm

Putlock Community Blessing

14:30 pm

The Power of Mantra & Meditation

with Celestial Communication

16 pm

Cacao Ceremony & Energy Healing

17:30 pm

Ascension & Unity Ceremony

+ 11:11 Portal Market


See details below


“It was such a beautiful event. During the healing and meditation portion I saw and felt sooo many mystical divine beings assisting and blessings us. Thank you to all who where there, physically and energetically.” Vee - 8.8 Portal.

“I felt that everything is connected, that we are all protected and that the world is perfect.” Tristan - Ascension Ceremony.

“I have verified, even in the days before healing, an improvement in my emotional state and motivation. Yesterday at work I felt a lot of energy. I have felt very vital. I'm very grateful." Daniela - Energy Healing.

"I didn't know that with breathing I could have connection experiences like with drugs." Karim - Mantra & Meditation

11:11 Day Retreat Activities

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Kundalini Yoga Masterclass & Gong

Lets start the 11:11 Day Retreat Portal shaking de energy doing yoga!

Trough the Kundalini Yoga practice you'll enter into a journey of self-mastery and commitment with your soul to open yourself to your truth.

The peace that you experience and the conscious relationship with your mind allows you to listen to the voice of your inner being.

You will develop strength, endurance, calmness, and compassion as you dissolve your unconscious fears and negative recordings within your mind. The repercussions on your relationships and your environment are noticeable and very positive.

Spheres of Light Healing Meditation & Cristal Bowls

Special guest Celina

Immerse in a profound healing practice to release from your body, mind and energy fields, block emotions, pain, limited belief and any type of energetic blockages that you might have that is limiting your self to expand to the higher version of your self.


The Spheres of Light are spiritual angelic loving conscious beings that are always around us helping and guiding our way back home.

The beauty about this practice is that will be a gift that you can take home and do it by your self.


We will be uplifting our vibrational fields with this Cristal Healing singing bowls played by beautiful Celina. This will make this experience even better and more profound.

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Putlock & Community Blessing

And if it's about moving energy... we´ll get hungry! and we´ll want to share and know about each other!.

Bring healthy food to share at the putlock.

Let express the bliss of life and the happiness of get together with our soul family!

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The Power of Mantra & Meditation with Celestial Communication

Let's go deeper into the knowledge and power of the ancient sacred technology of Kundalini Yoga to conquer the Yoga state, awakening our Kundalini Shakti Energy -spiritual energy-.

The practice will be guided through Mantras and Prana-Yamas to experience a deeper sense of our True Identity or Sat Nam.


We will experience a vibrant moving meditation called Celestial Communication that will awaken in you the deepest devotion to yourself and to your divine essence. It activates the 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th and 8th chakra so that you attract all the blessings that vibrate in frequency with your Soul.

Cacao Ceremony & Healing Energy S.O.L

Special guest Lida

Lida will open a space to open ourselves to the subtle fields of the heart through the magic of Cacao, by evoking the Spirit of Ixcacao to work with us to magnetize our intentions with this portal energy, into our hearts in order to embrace the purity of our interior.

And while you delight in the wisdom of Cacao, you will receive a powerful Energy Healing from Navkiran & Satya an energy-quantum-spiritual activation process that help you to free yourself of conditioning, limited believes, emotions and blockages in all levels, like physical, mental, emotional, energetic, ancestral, cosmic, spiritual.

The healing process help to connect you to your Higher Self and Spirit.

Attunes you to your crystalline essence of Love and Oneness.

Ascension & Unity Ceremony

You are here in earth for a very important reason. We need you, Mother Earth need you, and your soul too. Trough the opening of an Ascension Energy Vortex we'll jump into a higher state of consciousness to Unity where divine messages will be channeled.


The sacred space will be open for divine guides to work on us and to dance with us!. So that all together we raise the consciousness of the planet to become One!.


At the end of the ceremony we will be receiving a direct channeling message from the “Primal Creative Force”, always a beautiful, healing and inspiring message.

11:11 Portal Market

Discover the healing essential oils, magical amulets, pendulums, medicinal choco fungui of our dear friends Sofía and Enrico.

And enjoy the healthy and delicious natural juices of our soul friend Richard. Ask for your special juice in advance!

About Navkiran & Satya

We are Navkiran & Satya, parents of Raimundo and Milagros.

We were born in Chile and the last 10 years have being traveling in different countries. Now we are living on the caribbean coast of Costa Rica. We are blessed to receive infinite wisdom through channeling and divine guidance. After several years developing ourselvs as therapists (2009) and teaching Kundalini Yoga (2012), we were guided to create School Of Love -S.O.L- where we teach beautiful and powerful tools of healing, yoga, meditation and ascension. We feel very gratefull and blessed to be here with you in this moment that we live as humanity.

What if one day you feel pure love,

and it become your reality for ever?


*Earlybird Full Day Pass

Until November 4th.

35.000 | US$57

Full Day Pass

₡45.000 | US$73


Each Activity 

12.000 | US$20

*How to get the Earlybird Full Day Pass?


Option 1


Use the following email to do the payment:

Add your name and 1111 to the transfer.

And send us a screenshot to us by wapp

Link PayPal


Option 2

Let's get together before 04/11 and make the exchange!

Write to our wapp and we will agree where.


1 1 : 1 1 

A  D a n c e  i n t o  I n f i n i t y

Day retreat to connect with the infinite wisdom of your eternal self.



Limited spots.

Registration is required.

Contact +506 6022 1546 

What to bring?

- Bring yoga mat or sarong.

- Comfortable clothes preferably white and natural fibers.

- Something healthy to eat and share during the putlock.

- Water bottle.

- And the most important heart and open mind!


We recommend during the 3 days before and 3 days after:

Eat healthy and light foods.

Abstinence in alcohol, drugs and sexual relations.


We will meet on a beautiful deck hidden in the Caribbean jungle where we can connect with nature and Divine Mother.


Bamboo Shala

Cocles. Puerto Viejo.

Costa Rica

School Of Love, a guide back to the Soul.


S.O.L is an invitation for the vibration of the energy of love to be our school. May love show us the true path and lead us to mastery in our lives. The energy of love is the awareness that is present when we move forward, heal and feel peace with who we are, what we do and how we live.

School Of Love is a guide back to the Soul. A channel for Love and Truth to clarify the perspective of life. A bridge so that the Universal Source has the freedom to help heal, to reveal the essence of who we are and to find our purpose in life.

More about services

by Navkiran & Satya

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