Are you in Costa Rica?

Sat Nam!

If you are in Costa Rica, you will find us in Puerto Viejo, Talamanca a beautiful place on the caribbean coast!

Here we offer you our services of deep healing, awakening of consciousness and unity.

Come and join us!

Let´s be the change.

And if you are in Chile or another place, do not miss our online activities.

In love,

Navkiran & Satya.


Pura Vida, Puro Amor!

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Ascension Gathering

Guided Meditation + Ascension Vortex + Quantum Healing + Channeled Messages

A sacred space brought to earth from source through Arcangels, Ascended Masters and Galactic Family of Light. Was given to us years ago as a sacred ritual used for eons in the galaxy for the ascension of beings to get closer to our divine nature. Every gathering give us space for integrating new light codes, activating our sacred Crystalline (Christ) light body DNA.

 / Expansion of consciousness, recognition of the creative being, purpose in coherence with unconditional love and divine presence.

“I felt that everything is connected, that we are all protected and that the world is perfect. It was very very exciting! I am very grateful!" Tristan.

Each month. Write us to let us know your interest.

90 minutes / 5.000 Colones.

Bring mat, comfortable clothes and cushion if you want.

Satya Kriya
Breath of the Soul

Incredible & powerful experience to awaken

(DMT releasing), activate and move the flow of spiritual energy Kundalini through your body.

You can experience radical changes in your mind, nervous and endocrine systems as well as a boost in your inmune system, between many other benefits.

Gives you an incredible sensation of connection to the All that arises from within, expressing it self as a deep feeling of gratitud and peace.

"I felt very deep and strong emotions coming out."


"I didn't know that with breathing I could have connection experiences like with drugs."


"I felt how I was the ant, the butterfly, the trees, everything!"

Each month. Write us to let us know your interest.

90 minutes / Donation.

Bring mat, comfortable cloth and cushion if you want.

Healing & Awakening


Loving space to let go, transmute, and release blocks, resistance, and stress. Energy cleansing, activation of the creative potential and embodiment of your spiritual being. It tunes you into the possibilities of quantum space for the highest good of existence in your life.

/ Balance, freedom, health, awakening.


60 minutes / 60 USD / 40.000 Colones.

Includes Intuitive Reading & Spiritual Coaching.

Face to face and online.



Gentle and relaxing massage on feet, hands and head. Treat the intrauterine experience. For pregnants or for treat trauma in this period.

/ Relaxation, healing, liberation

60 minutes / 60 USD / 40.000 Colones.


Discover your energy potential and take preventive     actions for your health. Know the health of aura, chakras, organs, meridians and your energy level

of stress or balance. Includes PDF.

/ Perception that we are energy and that all is connected.

60 minutes / 80 USD / 50.000 Colones.

Kundalini Yoga & Meditation

The yoga of consciousness that quickly raises the    vibration and connects you with your soul.

Includes asanas, breathing, mantras, mudras

and bandhas that helps to awaken into oneness.

/ Spiritual connection, energy balance, awakening.

Tuesday & Friday 8:45 am.

90 minutes / 5.000 Colones or 6 classes 24.000 colones.

Bring mat and comfortable clothes.

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Centro Shalia.

Punta Cocles, Puerto Viejo, Talamanca. Costa Rica.


Limited spots. Reserve by phone or wapp +506 60020622