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The Power of Mantra, Meditation & Celestial Communication



Let's go deeper into the knowledge and power of the ancient sacred technology of Kundalini Yoga to conquer the Yoga state, awakening our Kundalini Shakti Energy -spiritual energy-. The practice will be guided through Mantras and Pranayamas to experience a deeper sense of our True Identity or Sat Nam.

Also we will experience a vibrant moving meditation called Celestial Communication that will awaken in you the deepest devotion to yourself and to your divine essence. It activates the 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th and 8th chakra so that you attract all the blessings that vibrate in frequency with your Soul.

90 minutes

7.000 / 10 USD.

3 classes 18.000.

6 classes 30.000

12 classes 48.000

You can mix the packages with Kundalini Yoga



One of the most powerful things we can do to reclaim our body, reintegrate our brain, and relax inner stress is Celestial Communication, a type of moving meditation set to music, which is designed to activate the pranic energy in the Heart Center.


Celestial Communication is a moving meditation that is part of Kundalini Yoga as taught by Yogi Bhajan.


The way it works is that you move your arms and hands, like a dance, to mantras or other divine songs. The movement is repetitive, coordinating with the mantra or lyrics; the movement is rhythmic and can be sharp or flowing. The focus is on the upper triangle, the 4th (heart), 5th (throat), 6th (third eye), 7th (crown), and 8th (aura) chakras. You do not move your lower body during Celestial Communication. The movement of the fingertips in the air increases your prana (energy), which connects with your neurons, and relieves the stress that accumulates deep in the brain. In this way, Celestial Communication uplifts you from depression, increases your radiance, and brings forth your natural creativity and prosperity.


Celestial Communication can be practiced by everyone. It is one of the easiest forms of meditation to do, because you must engage the body. If the mind wanders, the body will be out of rhythm, and the focus must be brought back in order to continue. 


When practicing Celestial Communication, your body, mind and spirit are harmonized, healed and uplifted.



Join us to THE POWER OF MANTRA & MEDITATION PRACTICE every Tuesday and Thursday at 5pm and renew yourself with the devotional Celestial Communication!


About Navkiran & Satya

Navkiran & Satya are parents of Raimundo and Milagros. They were born in Chile and the last 10 years have being traveling in different countries. Since the 2022 they are living on the Caribbean coast of Costa Rica.

They are blessed to receive infinite wisdom through channeling and divine guidance. After several years developing themselves as therapists (2009) and teaching Kundalini Yoga (2012), they were guided to create School Of Love -S.O.L- a guide back to the Soul and an invitation for the vibration of the energy of Love to be our school. Where they teach Energy Healing & Spiritual Activation Training, Breathing Coach Training, Kundalini Yoga classes, guide Ascension Vortex Ceremony, Satya Kriya The Breath of the Soul, and other beautiful and powerful tools of healing, meditation and ascension.

¨We feel very grateful and blessed to be here with you in this moment that we live as humanity.¨

What if one day you feel pure love,

and it become your reality for ever?


What to bring?

- Water bottle.

- Bring yoga mat or sarong. We have some mats for share.

- Comfortable clothes preferably white and natural fibers.

- And the most important heart and open mind.


We will meet on a beautiful deck hidden in the Caribbean jungle where we can connect with nature and Divine Mother.


Bamboo Shala

Cocles. Puerto Viejo.

Costa Rica

School Of Love, a guide back to the Soul.


S.O.L is an invitation for the vibration of the energy of love to be our school. May love show us the true path and lead us to mastery in our lives. The energy of love is the awareness that is present when we move forward, heal and feel peace with who we are, what we do and how we live.

School Of Love is a guide back to the Soul. A channel for Love and Truth to clarify the perspective of life. A bridge so that the Universal Source has the freedom to help heal, to reveal the essence of who we are and to find our purpose in life.

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